Glass Tile Consultants

Glass Tile Consultants

"Only Trust the Very Best"

Responding to our customers with pro-active and reactive glass tile expertise, Glass Tile Consultants prides itself on being the first and foremost glass tile consulting firm in the world! Our organization consists of the top professionals in the glass tile industry, providing glass tile installation training & specification, glass tile contractor referrals, and glass tile installation evaluations. We are here for YOU!

Glass Tile Consultants is a company specializing in glass tile education, marketing, installation and job problem resolutions since 1999. Our work has spanned the globe in helping the glass tile community along it's recent popularity explosion.

Keeping up with the continual growth and often uncharted territories of the glass tile world is an exciting and rewarding adventure. With so many glass tiles being produced from every continent of the Earth there is never a boring moment supporting such a beautiful product.

However, on the occasion a problem arises Glass Tile Consultants is here to help.

If you are interested in discussing glass tile please feel free to contact Scott Fleming at [email protected]

Warm regards,
Scott Fleming - Glass Tile Consultant